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Let’s get to know the lifestyle and unique culture in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta

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Do you need any support to translate an English or a Japanese document into Bahasa Indonesia? We have the best price for the service.

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Get exclusive collection of Indonesian souvenirs and other limited products here. Don’t miss it!

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Have you ever wondered about a country called Indonesia? Have you ever felt curious about its language? Have you ever amazed at the Indonesian culture? Are you planning to go to Indonesia? Do you need to learn about the country and the language quickly? You are on the right page! Here, you can learn about Indonesia and moreover about the language, Bahasa Indonesia. Don’t worry, because you can access it for 100% free!  our admins are also ready to answer your questions regarding the country! We are dedicated to supporting tourists, expatriates, students, or visitors from all around the world to have a little handbook about Indonesia! Because we have been in your shoes... Enjoy your trip and Let’s learn about the heavenly country in South East Asia!

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